Make Money In Casinos With These Winning Video Poker Tips


Video poker is a variation of the regular poker game, played on a slot machine without a dealer or other participants. If you want to make money in a casino this is a good game to check out. When competing against a slot, no strategy will really help you win, and the outcome is completely unpredictable and random. However, the result of a game can be affected by some well-thought strategies which are listed below in this article on winning video poker tips.

The Best Odds For Success

Get yourself the best odds for success right off the bat. These machines are based on a 52-card deck, and there are 2,598,960 possible hand combinations. A 9/6 machine will hit a royal flush around once every 40,000 hands. The 8/5 odds are once every 45,000 hands, so playing the game with the highest payout is a very good tip for winning video poker.

Use Maximum Coins

If betting five coins, all winning hands are paid out by a factor of five, except for the royal flush. This is a bonus amount designed as an inducement to use five coins. If you use less than the maximum coins, they won't win a royal flush and can't win video poker in the longer term.

Play for a Long Time

One of the final winning video poker tips is simple: play for a long time. On the 9/6 machine, the odds of 1:40,000 of getting a royal flush is equal to about 100 hours or so. The bankroll comes from your own resources, or by collecting money from the intermediate hands that give you income along the way. Winning at this game doesn't mean playing for the odd hour. Play for a long time and be patient.

Increased Chances

If your trying to increase the chances of winning, make sure you use a strategy. The machines are very visual and allow for some skill to be used without taxing the brain too hard, but remember that different games require different strategies.