A Guide to Understanding How to Play Sic Bo


If you don't know how to play Sic Bo, you have come to the right place. This is a game of Chinese origin and while it was once incredibly popular, it is more obscure today. Many online casinos continue to offer it since people continue to request it, however. It is played using three dice that are thrown on a table. Much like roulette, individuals are giving a huge range of betting options for predicting the outcome of any given roll.

When people are first learning how to play Sic Bo, they often find making the right predictions quite challenging and they may lose more often than they win. However, like all casino games, this payouts associated with the different wagers that can be placed are based upon statistics and mathematical odds. You might earn only even money, but you might also win a payout as high as 150:1 if you are incredibly lucky.

Some of the combinations upon which you can place wagers are a three of a kind which has the highest payout of 150:1, the two of a kind that pays 8:1, the "small" in which the sum of the dice totals no more than 10 which pays even money, the "big" in which the sum of the dice totals more than 10, and the "sum" which is the most popular bet in which you predict that the total of all three will lie between four and 17. The payouts vary based upon the exact number that comes up with a total of four or 17 paying 50:1 and everything else decreasing from there.

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