Best And Worst Myths About Casino Luck


Superstitions and old wives' tales are a big part of life in cultures all over the world. Even the gambling industry has its share - gamblers are known to be some of the most superstitious folks around. Most of the common myths about casino luck are harmless and fun and may make the player feel like he or she is having a more satisfying gaming experience. However, other, less benign ones can be destructive and even downright ridiculous. Let's look at some of the most typical customs and fables specific to gamblers.

One of the simplest traditions, which many people other than gamblers observe, is to wear a "lucky" item of clothing or accessory. It could be any keepsake they have had throughout their life, such as a special red shirt or a rabbit's foot, or an item they had on their person at the time of their first big win. Singing while gambling could be either bad or good luck, depending on who you talk to, as can entering and leaving the building through the same passageway. Many players blow on their dice before rolling them, which you have probably seen in real life or in the many television shows and movies featuring dice games. These are a few of the most common traditions which are generally harmless to the players and everyone around them.

Some traditions are less benign and can actually have negative consequences. For example, some believe that they must gamble somebody else's money in order to win, or sit in a particular chair every time. It may not be available and the person sitting in it may not want to give it up! Other crazy myths about casino luck that could cause property damage and ejection from the casino involve pouring holy water into a slot machine's coin drop. Some even believe that casinos themselves are unlucky since some players could have committed suicide there due to losing all their money. However, this may not necessarily be true, so no need to worry about your game being haunted. The Lucky Nugget Casino is a great online gambling website where you can form your own legends and traditions - just don't try pouring any holy water into your computer!