Debunking Famous Casino Myths

If you've ever spent any time placing wagers at Canadian online sites, then you've likely heard some casino myths that concern you. Like any other activity out there - and especially any activity that occurs on the internet - people will formulate ideas and spread them like wildfire. One such statement is that spending too much time at a website will lead to addiction and while it may be true for some people, it's ludicrous for others. Addiction occurs for many different reasons and there's no way to understand them all, but saying that everyone who visits one of these websites regularly is going to develop a problem makes no sense at all. Personality and discipline determine a problem and not the venue providing the service.

Another of the most widely heard casino myths is that all of the games are rigged so that people will lose money. The truth is that there are some rogue venues out there that rig their systems to the point that no one has any hope of winning, but for every one of these there are five legitimate establishments that will treat you fairly. This type of statement is typically made by someone who has experienced a turn of bad luck and lost a lot of money, but it isn't true at all. With payout percentages at above 97% and plenty of titles that require skill as much as luck, this one is certainly busted.

Last but not least, people often claim that the experience on the internet is nothing like that in a bricks-and-mortar establishment. Now, this is a myth that has some truth to it, but it isn't all bad. People like to place wagers, but not everyone wants to go to a crowded casino and stand around waiting for a seat at a table or a machine, all the while dealing with people who may have had too much to drink and the cigarette smoke wafting through the air. Betting on the internet allows people to do what they want on their own time and from the comfort of home. It all comes down to personal preference, really. For those who want to try it out, the Lucky Nugget Casino is a great place - and there is no rigging of games going on here!